OMAMenswear x AWARE Collection

Be aware of the impression you're making.

As we all know, HIV/AIDS is becoming an increasingly large issue within our society. It can affect individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, but how many of us unaffected are actively trying to help those who are? Today I'd like to share with you a brand whose mission is to really make a difference, providing support to HIV/AIDS research in its own way. 

Each shirt and its design is made carefully in a production cycle based in Canada. There, the process is checked multiple times to ensure that the quality and labor that goes into the shirt is in alignment with the brand and its mission. Though the shirt is made in areas local to Canada, the fabrics and trimmings of the shirt are sourced from Europe, majority from Italy.

As you can tell from the images provided both above and below, the quality of the shirt if by far some of the greatest I have ever tried. The fabrics are soft, breathable, and very appropriate for the seasonal weather at hand. Though the price is a premium at around $180 - $220 per shirt, $10 of your purchase is given as a donation to the HIV/AIDS research foundation.

The most important thing that AWARE Collection is reminding us of is that this illness is happening everyday to those around us. Although we may not be directly affected, we should still stay concerned and involved for the sake of those around us who are.

To find out more about AWARE Collection and its mission, check out the website ( Also check back here for more info regarding AWARE discounts, giveaways, and promotions. From here on out, my goal is to work with them to become more aware and share my knowledge with all of you.

Fashion Feature: Contrast Collared Shirts

Small details make a big difference.

First and foremost I would like to apologize for my lack of activity on Of Mice & Menswear. I was very, very sick for a solid week. I could barely think clearly! Wouldn't want you reading half-assed work, would I? Nope! Not for my readers.

Anyway, now that I've explained myself, I'm also going to explain what today's post is about. Contrast collared shirts. What is that? Well, as you can see pictured above, I've featured some contrast collars that I think are done pretty well. A contrast collar is exactly what you would think - a standard collar shirt where the collar itself is one solid color and the remainder of the shirt is done in another. White is pretty standard for the collar, but sometimes you'll get lucky and find a great all-white shirt with a pop of collar (pun intended). The shirts pictured above aren't the greatest examples because they don't offer much insight or variety in regards to the other options out there, but you get the point.

So, if you're interested in keeping true to that dapper look that you hold so near and dear to your heart, just think to throw this little trend into the mix and continue staying stylish. I mean, what screams style more than just your Bordeaux collar matching your bordeaux blazer? Amazing idea, huh? You're welcome. I'll show you how I incorporated the contrast collar into my wardrobe very soon, but until then - have a great day!

Trend Alert: Candy-Colored Coats

Rainy weather has never been sweeter.

To those of you living in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you know that there's nothing sweeter than having an awesome, functional, stylish raincoat. That is why today I've gone ahead and featured some of my favorite colors for Spring 2014 in the form of coats. You'll notice that pictured above are bright, vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and the like. Each is very simple in structure, but that's OK. Why? Because you really want the focus to be on the color of the coat. Since most raincoats are generally simple in style anyway, you always have to do it up with some cool colors and patterns. I've only featured one print - the polka dot with various earthy tones in the coloring.

Of the coats, I think my favorite has to be the yellow. The yellow is sleek, sort of taking us back to the days where we sported giant yellow rain boots as kids. Now, I'm not saying you have to break out those dated boots, but it's nice to have the style options similar to those nostalgic and youthful trends.

Consider checking out some of these coats online and ordering yourself one. After all, April showers are starting to make their way through the bay and the rest of California, so you should stay prepared. And if you're not drowning in what has been a series of showers, still look into snagging one for future rainy day disasters. Online shops like Topman & ASOS are sure to have something for you.

A Pop of Color: Teal

Color is everything.

It's absolutely no secret that color is on, in, and around everything you'll find during Spring. I personally love the idea that the world brightens as nature comes to life around us. The color is definitely a nice break from the oftentimes grim, dark, and muted tones of winter. So, what better way to change with nature than to change your wardrobe and throw on some color. After all, isn't nature one of the biggest inspirations in all of fashion?

The color that I've chosen to highlight today is teal. Granted there are a few different interpretations of what the color really looks like, below I've featured some of my favorite teal pieces. As always, I've thrown in both subtle and dramatic uses of the color.

I think my person preference when it comes to using the color teal is to use the color as a more bold statement. By that, I mean incorporation the color in the form of a larger piece of clothing, like a shirt, pair of shorts, or clearly visible accessory (e.g. backpack or shoes).

Below I've featured what I feel to be one of my favorite outfits! Even though it's a little chilly here in San Francisco, I still think men and women can get away with wearing shorts out. The (wrinkled) shorts shown below were a snag from Target for a very reasonable $20 about two years ago. My H&M shirt pairs well with the shorts since it has a sort of clean, fresh look to it. The shirt does have a collar, but it is Mandarin-inspired, giving it a seemingly different feel. With my shoes, I decided to tie the black piping detail in my shirt with the hints of black in my saddle shoes; furthermore, these are are really comfortable and great for walking around SF.

For the extras, I use my go-to Gucci cologne and American Crew hair product. The Paul Mitchell hairspray is a recent purchase that I'm trying out and seeming to like quite a bit. It's functional and really gets the job done with the extra strength hold.

All in all, I really love how far a color can do. If I were pairing the outfit with just some simple black bottoms, sure it would look OK, but it would be missing that small (but important) element that really makes fashion great. Stand out in the crowd by making your spring statement in color... And to be specific, make a statement in teal.