Riding in Style with BikeBandit

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride a motorcycle? I do - just about every day. Whether I'm driving to work, walking down the street, or am just watching TV, there always seems to be someone riding by on their bike. There are so many different types and there's something to match every personality. But aside from wondering what it would be like to ride one, have you ever given thought to what goes into choosing the right gear for riding a motorcycle? I have and I partnered up with a resource called Bike Bandit to help narrow down some essential styles for motorcycle riders who also happen to be style aficionados. Below I've featured some of my favorite picks from the BikeBandit.com website. 

OK, so I wasn't able to figure out how to get the pictures saved, but I included the links to four of my favorite styles HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

And if you're thinking to yourself, 'Anthony, motorcycle jackets aren't fashionable!,'... You're dead WRONG. Motorcycle jackets have been such an inspiration in fashion that they even have their own nickname (ever heard of a Moto Jacket)? They've inspired tons of styles like classic jackets by Saint Laurent, Gucci, IRO, Set, and the list goes on. So why not take a look and see what really got the trend going - check out BikeBandit and see what makes it great.