Beginner's Guide to Wearing Rings


Stop Hesitating

As a man, I always thought I’d wear only one ring in my lifetime - a wedding band. But I recently discovered that to be far from the truth. For christmas, my boyfriend Brennan got me a beautiful stacked promise ring that changed my perspective on rings as everyday accessories.

To me, most rings were either ‘too flashy’ or ‘not my style’ - but Brennan managed to find one I really love. I’ve since started a small collection and use them as final touches to complete a polished look.


Find Your Favorites

Since I started wearing rings, I’ve been slowly adding variations of style to create a mini collection. In my search, I tend to gravitate toward rings that have a nice shine and a high polish. The brilliance of high-shine metals and stones really let my rings speak for themselves. Silver tones and white gold are my personal favorites because I feel they pair best with my skin tone.

Mix High & Low Pieces

I also love diamonds, but as we all know, diamonds are very expensive. To maximize that appeal and minimize my cost, I wear a combination of diamonds and Swarovski crystals simultaneously. Since Swarovski crystals are the only man-made stone whose brilliance closely matches that of diamonds, crystals are great way to get that luxurious look without paying thousands of dollars.


Strike a Balance

Eventually all my rings started stacking on my right hand, but my left was bare. To fix that, I found a small diamond eternity band and wear it on my left pinky to strike a balance. I was fortunate enough to find a $60 diamond band at TheRealReal, but again, Swarovski crystals are a great place to start.

The most important part of wearing any ring is finding the style that suits you best. Brennan got lucky in choosing the ring that he did, but if he hadn’t I might not have realized what I was missing.