10 Awesome Bags to Replace Your Jansport

Sure, it's summer, but it's never too early to start school shopping. So why not consider trading in your old, tired Jansport for something a little cleaner? Check out these 10 cool, functional bags to get you started for the new year. (Oh, and don't forget to buy your books, too)

1. Black M/S Backpack by MISMO

Available HERE, $550

2. The Classic Satchel

Available HERE, $229

3. River Island Black & White Backpack

Available HERE, $47.00

4. Baltic Blue Camo Backpack by WANT Les Essentiels

Available HERE, $280

5. River Island Geo-Tribal Backpack

Available HERE, $48.00

6. Sandqvist Lillian Tote

Available HERE, $227

7. Baltic Blue O'Hare Tote by WANT Les Essentiels

Available HERE, $200

8. Oppermann London Laptop Folder

Available HERE, $165

9. Sandqvist Artur Leather Satchel

Available HERE, $493

10. FOSSIL Estate EW Accordian Brief

Available HERE, $110

There you have it. Next time you're out school shopping, or just shopping in general, keep your eyes out for that cool bag to add to your closet. No one ever said school supplies can't be stylish. So the next time you're off to class (or ditching it), carry your books with pride in a bag that's too cool for school. And remember, have fun with it - these bags wouldn't exist if we were all supposed to look the same.

Happy hunting! - Anthony