Loafers Leap into Spring Fashion

Loafers, Loafers, Loafers
Loafers are making their appearance in this year's Spring and Summer fashion and I have absolutely no problems with it. I personally love a classic pair of loafers and they are actually go-to shoes for almost any occasion. Although you can wear them out easily and sometimes it's hard to find the right outfits to wear with them, loafers can be versatile if you have the right clothes to work with. Suits, shorts, jeans, you name it and you can probably find an outfit to pair them with. My personal favorites are the boldly colored velvet loafers, such as the mint green pair pictured above. (You can find cheaper alternatives to the pair on the American Apparel or ASOS websites.) Don't forget that you can play around with different styles, such as the more summer-themed woven loafers also pictured above. Style is something you should invest in every now and then, treating yourself to something nice and worthwhile. Although the styles change from year to year, the concept stays the same. With that, I would advise maybe investing in a nice pair of loafers, not just for this season, but for many others to come.