Red, White, and Blue

Today I felt a little more playful and wore denim on denim. My entire outfit consisted of my denim jacket purchased at +Forever 21, paired with an almost salt & pepper-like hooded sweater from +H&M, as well as my favorite bright red denim jeans and brown +Steve Madden Troopa boots. It's one of my more laid-back outfits as opposed to the proper Oxford look I go for at times, but I love being able to dress up (or down) certain articles of clothing. Can't wait to rock this denim jacket for an edgier grunge look soon. Lately my style has been taking a turn for a bit of a retro 90's baby look and I love it. The denim jacket in this picture is the first step toward the style I have been trying to adopt. Now, I'm not looking to permanently alter my style, but add a different element to it so that I can remain playful in many different ways. Something fun that you might be interested in knowing about me is that I only like to wear colored denim jeans. Red, white, and blue are my go-tos. What do you think about my outfit? Pros? Cons? Don't be afraid to share!