Blogger's Special: Interview w/ Lenny

So I had the awesome opportunity to interview fellow blogger, Lenny Ayala. He's from Danbury and has his own sense of style and fashion from the east coast. Read his interview and check out his blog, it's great! Click HERE to check it out.

1. Where do you get your style inspiration?

I get a lot of my inspiration from our youth. Old cartoons/video game characters/trends are a lot of what I like to look over and pick ideas from often. I love to look into the quality of things, so I tend to look at a certain aspect and discover every inch of it to the depth.

2. Top 3 favorite trends

I feel as if the trends right now coming back are heavily 90's influenced, so with that comes the best of it. Plaids are definitely one of my favorites right now and will forever be. The way snapbacks have revived from the dead are also cool. My favorite trend right now is the overuse of solids in haute couture where that one color in different tones(mostly black/gray) is creating the vibe of the entire fit, other than just symbolizing the look at one angle. In example: Rick Owens, Alexander Wang

3. What do you see as being an undying fashion trend?

Undying fashion trends...i'd say anything vintage. What was once valuable to someone is bound to fall into the hands of someone who appreciates it just as much. I love the art of thrifting in NYC, finding pieces that fit your wardrobe perfectly can never get old. Brooklyn has a ton of spots out there I frequent. I know you're in SF now so you should definitely check out Haight Ashbury! Tons of good stuff over there to peep!

4. What's your favorite thing to wear? Your go-to?

I was thrifting a couple of months ago and came across a gray Y-3 shawl cardigan that I tend to wear a lot now since it's cold over here. Other than that, you can never go wrong with a pair of A.P.C. denims along with a white tee and some converse. I have this one pair of A.P.C.s i've been wearing almost everyday for about 2 years now. Selvedge denim for the win! lol

5. Do you have a specific type of shoe that you love?

I actually have two. One of them is the original Converse. That style is timeless, it's the coca cola of footwear in my opinion. They've been putting out the same shoe for years now with no decline in sales. Another pair of shoes I love to death are my Jordan Aqua 8's. I've been wearing the same pair since 2006 and I have a backup pair just in case haha. They're equivalent to walking on a pair of pillows all day.

6. How about a favorite cologne?

You can't go wrong with Royal Rugby from Brooks Brothers. If not that, i'd go with the Yves Saint Laurent cologne which I was thinking of switching out to very soon!

7. Where do you get most of your inspiration? Movies? TV? Nature? Share!

A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from old school cartoons, video games and movies. We're both 90's babies and I know you know how creative that era was on all levels. I feel like i'm re-living the 90's with a mix of our current trends whenever i'm throwing something on in my closet. Another big inspiration is the internet. We have access to see things across the world now so it broadens my horizons on a lot of things, even outside of fashion included.

8. Who's your favorite music artist?

That's a hard one haha. All in all when it comes down to an artist i'd say Kid Cudi. I relate to to the guy on so many levels. His first album is him singing and rapping his heart out to the people about his life before he went big, which was the life of a college dropout who worked his ass off knowing his dream will one day become true, while being himself and doing things the way he wanted with no care whatsoever.

9. Do you feel like you're a trendsetter?

I feel as if I won't initially be a trendsetter until I create a product of my own to sell to the world. Other than that, I have a few close friends who have told me they are influenced by my style and likewise.

10. How would your friends describe your style?

Knowledgeable. A lot of my friends come to me about certain items they want to buy before they do because I might have access to something of higher quality that may be of interest. I'm very big on quality so that is my number one concern when it comes down to buying something and I'd assume that's what they would say