Clean Cut with Some Edge

The one thing that I loved most about my spontaneous trip to Chico state was the weather. With unexpected rain, I was able to get away with wearing darker colors, as well as my favorite tobacco blazer from +H&M. I've always loved more classic, refined styles but I personally like to add a bit of an edge to them. I feel the blazer keeps the look crisp, but wearing all black and bringing it all together with some eclectic boots is what I like most about this outfit. These boots are also another thing that I seemingly love more than anything else in my closet. Having had the luck to find them at a thrift shop, I scooped them up before anyone else could notice them and I essentially ran out of the store throwing my money at the cashier on my way out. The lighting here really allows you to notice just how well the colors complement each other. The cherry color of the boots is great with the pop of color from the blazer. Oh, and did I mention the blazer has a navy lining on the inside? It's fantastic! One thing I'm most looking forward to adding into my wardrobe in the fall is more blazers. But for now, I need to worry about adding a spring / summer statement blazer to my closet. What do you think of this outfit? Any suggestions for future use? Feel free to share! :)