Denim Delight!

Denim Delight!What was Mario's favorite fabric? ... Denim, denim, denim!

One thing that I never really expected was for all denim outfits to come back. Making its appearance on the runway this season from the likes of Valentino and Versace was a little unexpected to be honest, but I took the chance to go along with it. I mean, who knows better than these high end designers, right? So, with that I decided to try out an (almost) all denim outft myself. Using some simple things that I had in my closet like a denim jacket and jeans with matching wash, I was able to scrape together this number (right). Now, I personally think that this is the only outfit that I can pull off in all denim, but that doesn't mean I can't piece together different ones wearing this denim jacket that I got from Forever 21. It's such a light wash that it can go with just about any shade, color, or pattern (like polka dots!). It's nice to be able to have those options, too! Now, a lot of guys don't have jean jackets, so if you're one of them that doesn't mean you can't take part in this spring and summer trend. Mess around with what you already have! Try different outfits with the denim jeans you already own, and if you're feeling super adventurous, look into buying a denim shirt or backpack like the ones pictured above. Your only style limitation is yourself, so if you feel like trying something new, then why not? Also, if you're like me, you can't always afford to go out and buy trending items right away but if you have that urge, don't be afraid to thrift! Check your local thrift or consignment stores for lightly worn clothes similar to what you're looking for! It's well worth the hunt if you find just the right thing you're looking for. So again, denim is the word for this season! Try it out and see how it works for you :)