Let's go on a SAFARI!

Urban Safari

Now, you've heard of big cities being called "Urban Jungles" but how about throwing an "Urban Safari" into the mix? That's right. Safari-like styles are beginning to make an appearance this Spring/Summer '13. However, don't think that safari styles mean you have to wear bold animal prints or crazy African-like patterns - it means just the opposite. This trend is aimed more toward men who aren't comfortable wearing those bold prints and flashy patterns. Having more of an earthy feel to it, this "urban safari" uprising is more focused on use of olive greens, khaki, or ochre (light yellow/brown/red) for it's clothing; natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk are also found heavily incorporated as well. Now I think that the earthy feel is what I enjoy most about this style. It kind of has a subtlety that is needed every now and then. Sure it's nice to stand out and maybe bring attention to what you're wearing, but sometimes it's best to stay under the radar and simply enjoy wearing an outfit for yourself and not for others.
Now, here's my attempt at this trend. In the photo you can see me wearing a khaki sleeveless coat with multi-pocket detail and a belted front. Some people are a little turned off by this style, but I personally loved it. Instead of the belt that the coat came with, I decided to kind of make it my own and use a vintage Christian Dior tie that I had lying around my room. I paired the coat with some navy blue chino shorts and a navy blue v-neck that I got from American Apparel. Overall it was a pretty simple look to throw together, and I wouldn't mind wearing a similar style again at some point. Now, if you're interested in trying it out or reading more about it, HERE is an article from Fashionbeans which contains the full story, plus some additional outfit inspirations. Thanks for dropping by!