Lions and Tigers and Burgers, OH MY!

Now here's something that you don't see every day, FULL GRAPHIC sweaters. The dynamism of these sweaters is something that would definitely catch anyone's eye walking down the street. The lion itself  is the king of the jungle, but why not own this statement piece and be the kind of the urban jungle?! What I love is how the sweater just catches the fierce expression of the lion and the mane is dramatically sprawled across the fabric of the jumper. But, this sweater isn't the only sweater of this type available from the trendy UK label, Purple Pop. To your right you'll find yet another KILLER graphic top featuring a female lion (tiger? cat? I'm not quite sure!) with flames coming out of its mouth. Inappropriately, yet hilariously, called the "Hot Pussy" sweater, like the first lion sweater, it has a sort of edge that calls attention to you. Now, some people aren't those who like to call attention to themselves, but who's to say that you can't at least invest in something like this just for the hell of it?  And for those of you not interested in these animal motifs, try this one on for (super) size. The burger jumper looks delicious and completely feeds my love for outlandish fashion . Alongside the lion and "Hot Pussy" sweater, I'm in love not just because the sweater is a giant hamburger, but because it has a sort of humor that you won't get from many other brands. You can find each of these sweaters at around £45 with an additional £12 for international shipping, so if you can like one then I say buy it! They're definitely worthy investments and they're going out of stock faster than you think. Also, keep in mind that elaborate printings like this aren't cheap, so they're a bargain for the detail! Lastly, don't forget to check the other products available HERE on the Purple Pop site. Thanks for reading! :)