Tribal Trends Part Deux!

Tribal Trends & Turqoise
Following this week's previous post about ethnically inspired clothing for Spring & Summer, today's post focuses on more Native American & tribal styles. What I love most about Native American-inspired clothing is the patterning and how bold all of the colors look together. One online store that I know I can go to for many tribal styles is +ASOS which seems to always carry these types of clothing. 
However, what I was surprised to find is that +Dr. Martens has their Pendleton boots which are tailored specifically to match this Native American theme. I'd LOVE to have a pair for myself, but at over $100 for a pair, it just isn't practical on a college budget. But! That doesn't mean I can't find different clothing and accessories with similar style elsewhere. As mentioned, ASOS has tribal

clothes and accessories, like the bracelets pictured above, so if you're interested I would check them out. The button-down shirt in the collage is nice, but again, I'm on a college budget so I went ahead and improvised. I happened to have a plain brown +American Apparel t-shirt and I that I cut into a tribal-like design myself. I did this by slicing the sleeves and cutting out a triangle pattern around the collar (the shirt cost about $7 and took 20 minutes to cut). I think it looks great and I would definitely love to try it again in a different color! The Justin boots add a little flare with the kilties and give it a sort of edge that I'm always looking to have. What do you guys think? I'd love to know!