You'll Love These,... iPromise

For those of you who own a tablet, you know how difficult it can be to choose something as simple as what to put it in. When I first went to purchase my iPad case, I ended up leaving the store with the typical snap-on Apple cover that you can find at your neighborhood Walmart or Target. However, I continued to search because I felt like I needed something better. I mean if I'm going to be carrying around an iPad, I want it to be dressed up just as much as I usually am! Then one day I walked into an +American Apparel and stumbled across their carry-all leather clutches (pictured left) and snatched one up right away. It's simple, sleek, and stylish all at the same time! But before I found this zip-up leather bag, I was scouring +Etsy for an all leather envelope bag with a string closure. Now, you may asking yourself: what the hell is he talking about? Well, let me show you! To your right you'll see exactly what I just described. The envelope case has an almost vintage look that you might have found a mailman carrying around back in the day. From the store Baytowne Leather USA, the case is made entirely of hand-cut, hand-stitched natural colored leather (alternative color and style below). Each of the cases are made one-by-one with the same amount of precision and detail as the first. And if you're thinking, "I don't have an iPad or tablet, so what good does it do me?" Think again! I love to use my carry-all as a folio! Just go ahead and stuff your planner, papers, pencil, pen, etc. and it's fully functional for a day at school or at the office. I personally think these are a fantastic thing to own and can come be used just about every day - I know mine has gotten quite a bit of use! If you want to check out more specs, just go ahead and click the picture and it'll lead you to the Baytowne store over on Etsy. And if you do consider one, I can promise you won't regret it. They're so multifunctional that you'd silly not to. Thanks for reading and stay trending! :)