Blue is the new Black

Blue is the new BlackOne thing that I'm very excited for is the extreme amount of blues that will be making its way in-store. There's already a ton of different variations of the color, but as a blue-enthusiast, I can't tell you enough how much I love it. You can wear blue with almost absolutely anything, that's why it's so perfect! Even more so than black in my opinion, because there are some things that you can't wear with black that you are able to wear with more specific shades of blue (such as chocolate brown). Furthermore, I think that blue as a color is more appealing than any other because it can be soft, gentle, bold, understated, a statement, and just pleases most people whenever its worn. Although it's associated with somberness and sadness in literature, in fashion I find that it's associated with a sort of playfulness and vibrance. For example, if you take a black and white striped shirt, it's automatically colorless and lifeless. Although the patterning of the stripes makes it a little fun, think of the shirt with royal blue stripes and the piece already has a different feel in your head.
The power of blue is incredible! The greatest thing about a trending color as opposed to a trending style is that you can find a color in any store, whereas a style is store-specific. On your right, you can see how I've recently worn it. Although the picture is a bit muddled by the lighting, you can still see the more muted shades of navy blue. My more modernly styled jacket is from a store in called Foreign Exchange (FE) and the striped shirt is from H&M. They're both some of my favorite pieces of clothing and I love the fact that I can wear them out and still be trending with the changing season's fashion. Another great part about blue is that you probably already have it in your closet in some way, shape, or form. Blue is everywhere and anywhere, and it's complemented very well by mostly every other color. Just think about it! But don't let me convince you, what do you think about it?