DARE to Be Different

One thing that I love about this outfit is just how edgy it is. It's a statement without being too over the top. As a matter of fact, it's different for me because I have never worn a cap before and I do have to say, I love the way it looks! I got this cap as a gift from a brand called Extreme 80's whose line focuses solely on an 80's revival through a series of neon, retro, and gnarly designs. Now, since there has been a large resurge of vintage and retro styles, I find that many of my friends (unknowingly) are wearing clothing that revolves around a different decade. It's a nice change in fashion. Along with the whole Extreme 80's mission, there is an appearance in neon clothing for this spring and summer that X80 would be fantastic to complement. What do you think about the 80's revival? Love or hate? 
To learn more about Extreme 80's and see some of their merchandise, go to Extreme80'