Just A Touch of Color

The pattern I'm wearing today follows the ethnic trend that is found in this season's menswear trends and styles. When I wear any sort of pattern, I like to make sure that it stands out against whatever I am wearing. As previously mentioned in many of my other posts, patterns should be noticed and not overshadowed by a combination of too many other statement pieces. That's why, with this Aztec patterning on my backpack, I decided to use a very colorless pallet of whites, greys, and blacks for the sake of letting the backpack stand out against everything else. The watch that I am wearing luckily matches to some degree the oranges in the backpack's fabric (a little touch which I really like about the whole look). 
As far as where I got everything, it's all very affordable. The jeans I'm wearing are from a thrift store like any other in your neighborhood and I was lucky enough to purchase them for around $5. My 3/4 length baseball tee is from American Apparel, which at this point in my posts might be recognized as my favorite store, and I purchased it for around $25. As for the shoes, they are identical to the white ones I wore in my post "Spring Green" and were around the same price. Equally loved, but probably worn more often as I wear black more than I do white. I'm not able to tell you where I found my watch as it just appeared in my closet randomly one day. (Now if only that happened more often!) Lastly, my backpack was purchased in Los Angeles last summer from a street vendor for $20 and I couldn't be any happier for making that purchase. What do you think of the backpack? Could you see yourself wearing it?