Oversized Sweaters & Shoes of Leather

After last night's unexpected thunder storm here in Stockton and the hazy weather that followed, I decided to wear an oversized sweater I found buried under other piles of clothes in my apartment. What I love about this sweater is the kind of waffle knit detail in navy and beige. But! That's not the best part of it, the best part is that I found it at a thrift store for only $2.00. Tell me that isn't a deal! As previously mentioned in a few of my other posts (Like this one), thrift shopping is great to do if you'd like to find common items for a cheaper price. This sweater resembles one that I have been eying from +American Apparel for quite some time, but could never find it in myself to spend so much on a sweater. As far as the rest of the outfit, I kept it minimal with some plain black skinny jeans and my go-to cherry red Justin rider boots with kilties. What do you all think of the outfit? Too much? Too little? Not enough? Feel free to share! 

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