Skulls & Crosses

I recently worked up the courage to reach out to one of my favorite accesorry designers, Tevin Vincent, and asked him if he would be willing to allow me to feature his products on my blog. I had been following for months before I even started blogging and just felt an immediate connection with all of his products when I stumbled across them by chance on Instagram. They're fun, edgy, and have this sort of appeal that catches the attention of most people instantaneously. So, with that said, I sent him and email and to my surprise, he agreed to have me feature his products! We went back and forth for a bit and he asked me to choose some accessories from his site and in turn he would send them to me sample. When I got them, I immediately fell in love! Below are two sample bracelets he sent me. One is a black beaded bracelet with a silver skull; the other a jewel embellished cross with maroon beading. Once I saw them, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear them with. 
I pulled out my statement blazer since I felt that the maroon and black in the beads would complement the royal blue lining and tobacco color altogether. Then, I found some other simple blues and whites in my closet to pair it with. Since summer is starting, I felt my self-made shorts would be a nice fit for the weather; the white button-up was sort of a given since it would keep me coolest. Shortly after that, as I ransacked my room for accessories, I was lucky enough to find my vintage brown leather belt whose color was almost identical to my blazer. How lucky is that?! Shoes are usually the last thing that I choose for any outfit, so once I had the tops and bottoms chosen, the shoes were almost a no-brainer. I went with my Generic Surplus dual-toned oxfords and, as might see at the bottom, wore them without socks. (Sockless is allowed in the summer!) Overall, I love this outfit because it's casual and dapper and has the E-D-G-E that I am always dying to add, and it was all thanks to Tevin. As he would say... Thanks my dude!

To check out more of his merchandise, go to I can promise you that you won't regret it!


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