The Boy with the Burberry

High class grunge is my theme for the day. I've been all about wearing cute, summery clothes this week but I felt like changing it up this morning with my favorite distressed look. My black jeans are what bring out the little bad boy in me and make me feel like putting on my toughest boots and darkest clothing. I'm not sure why they make me feel that way, they just do. With that, I threw on my basic black t-shirt with self-cut sleeves (I cut the sleeves very simply by using a pair of scissors and thin enough to make them dangle). As far as my waisted shirt for today goes, I changed it up as well and went with a grid-patterned dress shirt I haven't worn in a few months. The grid striping on the shirt adds a little touch of something to an otherwise bland outfit. Even if the waisted shirt was a solid color, it would still be lacking in that something which the pattern provides. 
You can see my accessories are revamped as well. Granted my watch may not be very different, but one thing you haven't seen me with is a bag. I love this bag so much! My best friend gave it to me before she left for Japan and I couldn't be any more grateful to her for it. Even though I could never love a bag more than her, it sure is a runner-up (don't tell her I said that). It's beautiful, versatile, well-made, and matches the equally spectacular sunglasses I'm wearing. These sunglasses are from none other than Tevin Vincent himself! They're his GEMINI Sunnies and I couldn't be any happier to have them. Then again, I love everything about his clothes. What do you think about the switch in accessory choices today? Love or hate?
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