The Neverending Closet

Right now I'm living alone in my apartment and am lucky enough to have both rooms to myself until I find a suitable roommate. With that, I can't express how happy I am for both closets! Without them, my room would be such a mess and filled with more clothes than I know what to do with. Anyway, when I got out of bed this morning I walked into the empty room filled with clothes and started digging until I found a pair of bottoms that I found worth wearing. The weather outside seemed warmer, so I went ahead and sought a pair of shorts that I could wear. Well, when I was sifting through my neverending closet, I found a pair of black shorts in a suitcase that I have yet to unpack. The shorts are unworn so I could really pair them with anything and it would basically be a new outfit (kind of) to play around with.
My black shorts are ones that I made out of a pair of baggy chino pants that I bought for around $12 from +Kohl's last summer. I never wore them because, well, they were baggy. After cutting them into shorts in April, I put them away so that I could wear them this summer. I've paired them with a basic pocket tee from +H&M, the same one you saw me wearing in "Wake Up and Smell the Flowers", my post about floral prints for spring & summer. Once the shirt was picked out, I went with my vintage brown belt that I seem to be utilizing more lately. Shoes? Easy! The dual-tone oxfords from Generic Surplus. And since my shoes have grey tones in them and I was called out for not matching my watch with my shoes yesterday, I chose to wear a very simple watch with (matching!) grey straps. Overall the outfit was light, airy, and summer-appropriate. Feel free to share what you think! I'd love to know.

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