Wake Up and Smell the Flowers!

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers!One thing that I can very honestly tell you is that I have never really been a big fan of floral up until recently. Why? Well, most floral prints that I have seen in the past are always a little too bright, a little too bold, and a little too much. However, the print has been done more frequently and as always, with practice comes perfect. Picture to your left are some examples of floral prints that I love. The subtlety again, as I have mentioned before with the likes of camouflage and stripes, is key. Look at the Billabong tank top on the bottom right of the image; using neutral tones and soft hues, the floral print isn't offensive in any way and may in fact be wore successfully by anyone who's willing to try it out. There are those men though who find that floral patterns are too "feminine" for them and are unwilling to try something new but if you notice the tie pictured above, you'll see that even some menswear accessories are incorporating a little spring trend. Alongside the ties, shoes are being slammed with floral prints as well, such as the unisex Doc Marten shoes pictured in the top left of the above image. Now, for those of you who ARE adventurous, I would suggest the more vibrantly colored tops, such as the Panama shirt by +Topman. Now, on your right you can see how I played around with a floral print. I was lucky enough to find these shorts at a Goodwill months ago and shortened them a bit to fit my style. Then, I paired the shorts with a simple loose-fit pocket tee from +H&M that I purchased last summer. I personally love that the shirt matches the hint of green in the leaf patterning on the shorts. I threw in some neutral browns to match the earthy feel of the shorts as well. Florals are fun to play around with and if you really are looking into trying some out, I would suggest +ASOS and TOPMAN; they're usually always keeping up with these trends way better than I am. Again, thanks for reading and have a great day!