Winter in the Summer

One thing you might be asking yourself is, "Why is he wearing winter layers in the summer?" Well, unfortunately for me, when I got out of bed yesterday morning, I had no choice. The weather outside was just as dark as the lightless room I found myself laying in. For whatever reason, Mother Nature decided to let it rain and cast a shadow over the city I live in, producing a sort of nippy weather you'd otherwise experience in the winter. It was a nice change of pace from the 100 degree weather we've been having, but with all my summer clothes being so light, I had to think of a way to keep warm. 
 Even though I was forced to bundle up for the cold weather, I still wanted to maintain a very summery look. I used neutral colors and a vibrant yellow in order to keep the illusion that the weather was warmer than it was. The denim jacket was just an added little touch since I've been obsessed with denim as of recent. The oatmeal v-neck sweater is one that I found at a thrift store some time again; my denim jacket was purchased at Forever 21 back in the fall. What I love about the denim jacket is the light wash. I can dress it up or down without having to worry much about how well it matches. As for my yellow denim jeans... I love them! They're +Levi's® and they're so comfortable. Very soft cotton and don't stretch very much after wearing them for a full day like some others you might buy. Lastly, my shoes... God I love these shoes. They're fantastic! They are part canvas with a suede cap-toe and heel detail. Overall, I found this outfit to be very weather appropriate without compromising the style I love for the season I love... Summer.