A Modern Day Peter Pan

Something that my friends have always given me grief for is how similar I look to the classic Disney character Peter Pan. I've never found any offense in it and actually find myself making light of it quite often. So, going with that, I decided to embrace my inner Disney and tried to embody the character with a more modern, edgier twist. How did I do this? Well I started off with the green pants I was fortunate enough to find when I was bargain shopping last summer. They were very cheap, only costing me around $13 total. Although the green pants are should generally be reserved for the fall months, I stepped out of the general rules of fashion for the sake of attempting this look. Next, I switched out the lighter green tunic you would normally find the actual Peter Pan wearing for a distressed tank top I made myself about a week ago. The tank top was a basic shirt I found rummaging through my closet and found to be too simple for my taste. What I love most about the top is that it looks almost careless and a sort of 'I don't care' attitude courses through me when I put it on. Lastly, since I don't have a pair brown boots accessible today, I threw on the +Justin Boots I can't seem to take off. The Justins add that last little touch of edge that I enjoy finishing off my outfits with. Overall, I love the look and find that it would work for a lazy day out in the city (at least for me). I'd love to know what you think about it. Feel free to share!