Getting Lost in Fashion

Something you may have noticed is that I have been using this set of pictures for quite some time. One as a display picture, another as a contact image, and I'm sure there are countless other uses of them around my blog. However, I've never really explained WHY I use them as often as I do. There's something about this scenery that just gets me. Something that I love about it, as if I could build a cabin in the center of the field and openly call it my home. But, there's something else that I love.
When I was standing in the center of this field surrounded by trees, grass, and an overall openness of nature, it made me feel playful and almost like I wanted to frolic through it all. It was like the natural embodiment of my idea of fashion. When I wake up every morning, I just want to get lost in my wardrobe and really play around with everything I own. The polka dots, the yellow denim, the grey suede oxfords, sure they all make for a very eclectic outfit, but they reflect my attitude and just how playful I can or want to be at times. To me, style is a reflection of how you feel and who you are. Patterns are bold or playful for the days you feel the same. Sometimes you wear black to reflect your mood, even if it's unknowingly. Overall, there's a lot more that goes into what you wear than just what does or doesn't match. It's all how you see things and if you allow your outlook of fashion and style to go beyond those limitations. What's your take on it all?