Just a Casual Evening

Some of you might be saying, "Casual? What's casual about what he's wearing?"... But what you really might not notice is just how casual I actually am. I agree, the blazer can be interpreted as an attempt to dress up a bit, and it is, but I've also paired the blazer with some casual touches. For example, my skinny jeans are relatively informal for certain occasions, meaning if I were to go to a business casual dinner, these jeans wouldn't cut it. The all-black does seem rather dressy, though; but the all-black look isn't any more formal than a waiter in an upscale (or low-scale) restaurant. It's very simple and easily put together, but that's what I find greatest about this outfit. It looks like it took a lot of work to think up, but really it took almost no effort at all to piece it together. And, if you notice, my boots are the most informal of it all. Beat up, torn, and faded, these boots are a far cry from formal. They're nice, but not dressy to any degree. The funny thing is, when you throw it all together, it looks completely formal to some people (as I've been told) and makes for the easiest casually informal outfit I've ever worn. It's clean cut, edgy, and leaves you looking ready for any (in)formal evening. What do you think about it? What's your taking on dressing down dressy pieces? 
+H&M Tobacco Blazer (Out of season), H&M Button-down Shirt (Available any time), Black RSQ Skinny Jeans, & Vintage +Justin Boots