The Incredible Hulk

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love summer. The best part about it is that the weather here in California is warm enough for a tee shirt and cool enough to wear black all at the same time. Today's outfit is a little more laid-back than I normally go for. I've been really into graphic tees lately, so I decided to go for one today. I threw out the waisted shirts and combat boots, threw on the tee shirt, cuffed my pants, and left for the day. For many reasons, I love the simplicity of the outfit, but I also love the Tevin Vincent bracelets that are the same as those recently featured in my post "Skulls & Crosses." They're always adding the touch of edge or individuality that I'm always looking to incorporate. They're simple, but a statement all at the same time. Again, the glasses, jeans, and t-shirt are all simple touches. The only thing about my outfit that may seem a bit different is my bowling shoes by Generic Surplus. I'm in love with the shape of them and how nice they look sockless. They're definitely a keeper for me, too. What do you guys think about the bracelets and shoes?