The Mad Scientist

My look took a little turn when I decided to wear these Tevin Vincent GEMINI sunnies today. They're a little different from most sunglasses that you'd find in-store, but that's exactly why I love them. They have a sort of uniqueness that, as you may have noticed, I try to incorporate in my style. Overall, this look is very laid back, but has it's quirks that make it come together. Paired with the sunglasses, I also am wearing the Tevin Vincent beaded skull & cross bracelets that I've grown to obsess over. Their simplicity is nice, but again, they have a boldness to them that sets them apart from the rest through the skull & cross details. 
The rest of my outfit consists of what was once a button-down shirt (now DIY vest), my powder blue American Apparel tee, black skinny jeans, and +Converse high-tops. A very casual look for a simple day of running errands around the city and lounging about with some of my friends. I'm always wearing black skinny jeans because they're able to go with anything. You can dress them up or down and still be able to squeeze a seemingly endless number of outfits out of them. Paired with the powder blue shirt and the blindingly white vest and high-tops, I was able to dress down the jeans quite a bit and actually brighten up a look that could have otherwise been very dark , almost grunge, like some of the other looks I've worn (See my look Powder Blue & Polka Dots for an edgier combination). Overall, I love the look and how well it just meshes together. The sunglasses give me that sort of "Mad Scientist" edge, while the canvas shoes and basic denim balance it out with casualness. 
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DIY Vest, American Apparel T-Shirt (Here), Black RSQ Skinny Jeans (Similar), White Converse High-tops (Here)