Yellow Shorts & Simple Style

Last week, I was having a little blogger's crisis and was panicking over having "nothing to wear' and many of us so often do. However, something that my friend said went something like, "It's what how much you have to wear, it's how many ways you can think of wearing it." This couldn't be more true. After replaying that saying through my head over and over again, I ventured into my "Neverending Closet" and fished out some simple shirts and shorts. Now, typically when I wear shorts I will pair them with loafers or tennis shoes, but not this time. The yellow corduroy shorts serve dual functionality, having the ability to be dressed up or dressed down. In today's case, I dressed down a bit. I threw on this 'Ain't No Thang!' tee shirt that I purchased at +H&M quite some time ago, and the funny thing is that I've only worn it once before. The shoes are by +Creative Recreation and couldn't be any more amazing in my eyes. I've never worn a pair like this, but my friend was gracious enough to let me borrow and use them for the sake of staying cool and casual. Now it might be a little weird seeing me outside of my combat boot and leather loafer comfort level, but who knows... Sneakers might be my new thing. What do you think of the sneakers? Would love to know!

Yellow Corduroy Shorts by Target (Similar), H&M Graphic Tee (Alternative), Creative Recs (Similar)