Denim Daze

So, I know I haven't blogged in about two weeks but that's because I've been going through a long process of finding a new place to live. Then I got a little lazy and put it off for a while, but that won't happen again. Coincidentally enough, my outfit below is reflective of a lazy, relaxed, unmotivated mood and a desire to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING. It's a very simple combination of a CK basic tee, black denim jeans, rugged boots, and a light-washed denim jacket. Overall it's a very comfortable look and suits well for summer weather in the bay (where I was at the time). The denim jacket can be worn during the cool overcast portions of the day while the light cotton of the tee shirt helps keep the heat away when the sun beats down on you. But enough about what I think about the outfit, what do you all think of it?

Denim Jacket (Forever 21 Men), White T-Shirt (Calvin Klein), Black Denim Jeans (RSQ), Rider Boots (Justins)