Seersucker & Blueberries

Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine came over and was fully equipped with a bubbly personality to match the other bubbly she brought. Gracing me with her presence (and some champagne) we decided to have a drink together before she met with her boyfriend. It was a great time and I even got a photographer for the day (sorry, iPhone). 

In the photo I'm wearing the same H&M seersucker cotton shorts my boyfriend gave me. I paired them with an equally light colored blue to match the pastel striping in my shorts. There was no need for me to change into a different belt because I still very much like how the lighter brown looks with the outfit. It gives it a sort of detail and pop that another might not provide. Another thing that I really love about this look is just how summery it is. The fabrics are light, the colors are light, and everything just meshes to make for a great outfit. It was also very appropriate for the little boat outing my friend invited me along for. It was truly a fantastic day. We lost some blueberries in the making of this post, but I think it was well worth it.

Blue Button-down (H&M), Seersucker shorts (H&M), Brown belt (Thrifted), Emporio Armani watch, Cherry red loafers (Thrifted)