A Simple Fall Look

   Sometimes looking good doesn't take very much effort at all, so long as you have the right clothes to put together. Pictured below you'll see what I believe to be a simple look that goes a long way. It incorporates some darker denim jeans that most men already have somewhere hidden in their closets. Next, a simple, yet classic, cable knit sweater that can be found at a number of stores (I'd advise H&M as an affordable option) . Now comes the extras - a nicely finished leather / suede belt, bold shoes (like the burgundy maroon desert boots pictured below), and maybe a canvas rucksack to bring it all together. The shoes add a nice pop of color and liven up an otherwise plain appearance. And last, but certainly not least, a fresh scent to appeal to more senses than just one. I'd suggest Lacoste Essential (not the Sport edition) for a more masculine scent with a bit of a citrus undertone. Overall, this whole look keeps true to the fall season without putting too much stress in choosing what wear or how to wear it. Basics are key to keeping stylish.

Simply Fall