Fall/Winter 2013 Trend - Men's Statement Scarves

Men should never forget to add a little oomph to their outfits. It's easy to overlook but really makes the difference in how well everything comes together. I'm a big fan of scarves and would never be caught without one, especially in this San Francisco chill. Here's how I wear my scarf in this nippy fall & winter weather:

Zara poncho for Fall.  

The poncho serves really well in covering up the entire body, almost head to toe. My favorite thing about them is how easily it can turn into a full bodied blanket when the weather is too cold to bear, which happens quite often for us here in California, especially in San Francisco (we're wimps in colder temperatures).

Overall, these ornate designs and patterns of an otherwise simple accessory are what really make them stand out as an essential. Most men have a scarf, but don't look much into buying one that has a unique appeal to it. Even though this Zara poncho / cape may not be for every guy, below are a few alternatives worth trying, ranging in shape, color, and size. Try one out! You'll never know how useful they can be until you try.

Statement Scarves for Men