New York City - Day 2

So, in the process of exploring new parts of New York and creating stories to share with you about Day 3, I overlooked posting about Day 2. My second full day in New York was even more fantastic than the first. Although the day started out a little sad as we visited Ground Zero (The 9/11 Memorial), we started to appreciate the subtleties of symbolism and meaning within all of the monuments we were surrounded by. After paying our respects to those fallen, we made our way into other parts of the surrounding area and explored to no end. I was comfortable as we did, though, as I was wearing a sort of printed pant whose fabric resembles that of pajamas. The print has red roses, a sort of black chain / wire, and skull image on each leg. Super cozy and warm, I paired them with a pair of cognac Aldo boots and a plain black shirt which comes from the same store as the pants (Zara). It was a day of exploring and just figuring out the ins and outs of the city here. The experience was humbling, eye-opening, and exposed me to different aspects of life that I had never seen, but always wanted to. Can't wait to share the rest of my trip with you, NYC Day 3 is soon to come!