Simple Wallets for Men

Men's Wallets

Every guy has his favorite wallet, but is it time for him to upgrade? It's really easy for both men and women to fall in love with that accessory purchased 5 years ago, but that's just too long to go without considering trading up. I recently upgraded from the simple Lacoste cardholder I bought myself in high school to an amazing Burberry cardholder that I can't seem to stop staring at. There's just something about the signature print of Burberry items that draws me in... It's classic, cool, sleek, fun, and every other positive word you can possibly think of. Below I've featured some other wallets that I would love to have, each with a different price point. Now, keeping in mind that some of these are a little on the pricy side, it's also good to remember that these wallets will last you years like the one you're using now. Which is your favorite?


Featured: Paul Smith // Burberry // Gucci // Saint Laurent // Louis Vuitton // VALEXTRA