Fall Flannels for Men

     Now that it's officially Fall here in California, my favorite season I might add, it's time to roll out the big guns (not literally). Conveniently enough for me, the largest part of my wardrobe just so happens to be destined for this transition from that unbearable afternoon warmth to those cool, refreshing evening breezes - Fall. There's just something about the earthy tones, warm colors, and just that overall feeling I get during Autumn that I love. So, with that, I decided to add something more to my wardrobe which I've yet to purchase - a pair of fall boots. The boots pictured below aren't very comfortable at first, as I'm breaking them in, but they look great. In a glossed cognac leather, they're sturdy and look great with just about anything. Today I decided to pair them with a simple flannel decorated in attractive hues of blue and purple. Overall it's a comfortable outfit with the exception of breaking in these boots and really appropriate for just an everyday outfit. Think of switching out the flannel here for one you'd prefer. Ideally whichever you choose is interchangeable. Moreover, you can think of switch out the white denim for a lighter or darker blue wash; perhaps Levi's, the same brand I'm wearing. (Boots: Aldo, Jeans: Levi's, Flannel: American Eagle)

**Don't like the boots? Consider a pair of desert boots of chukkas. They provide the same look while staying true to a fall style.  

Fall Boots & Flannels