Lightweight Winter Coat - Topman Edition

Hi, my name is Anthony and I have a problem... My problem is that I love to shop. In case you didn't know, I work at Nordstrom, so a few days ago I decided to enjoy my day off by going back into work to do a little shopping. I'm really happy with the haul! Actually, today's post is dedicated to my favorite item that I purchased - a single breasted khaki trench by Topman. The coat is fun, lightweight, functional, and unlike any other coat that I own. If you're like any other person living in San Francisco, that's really hard to find! Most coats are too thick, too rough, not warm enough, or not stylish whatsoever. I decided to pair the coat with a simple black t-shirt from Zara and black skinny jeans that get the job done. I decide to focus more on how I actually accessorized the coat with my shoes (vintage Justins) and my scarf (classic Burberry pattern). I love how well all the colors meshed together! Even though it seems like more of a fall outfit because of the color choices, it is more functional for the winter chills. The scarf, like the jacket, keeps me extremely warm. As for the boots, I wear them at least twice a week - just can't keep my hands off of them! Now the fun part will be trying out different outfits and seeing how well I can style them with the Topman coat. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share... I'm always open to ideas. Thanks for reading! - Anthony

Jacket, Topman // Shirt, Zara // Jeans // Shoes, Justin // Burberry Scarf, Nordstrom