What's Your Sign? - Nordstrom x VFiles Sweaters

The one thing that I will always give Nordstrom credit for is its amazing ability to dish out the best styles, trends, and clothing to suit any and all age groups. From activewear to pajamas, the possibilities are endless in just about every Nordstrom store across the U.S. (and soon, Canada). That's why today's post focuses on my favorite piece of clothing available on Nordstrom.com and select Nordstrom stores - the VFiles Zodiac sweaters. Each sweater is available in 12 different styles to match the twelve different zodiacs. It's a simple concept, but it goes a long way. I snagged one as quickly as I could since I've always been slightly obsessed with being a Sagittarius... But what really sold me on scooping one up was how much everyone else was talking about them. Below you'll find a picture of how I chose to wear mine; a more relaxed look in some dark denim & Nike trainers that I previously raved about HERE.

Sagittarius Outfit

The dark denim keeps true to the whole VFiles brand, which somewhat reminds me of X-Files (that 90's Sci-Fi show) and gives it a bit of a darker look. The neon detail in the trainers add a little bit of something to spice up the whole look since I'm all about a pop of color. If you would like to pair it with something else, then I suggest keeping it simple (again) with a cool rucksack backpack or basic bracelets. The best part about this look is that ladies can get away with wearing it as well since both the VFiles sweater & trainers are a unisex style.

VFiles - What's your sign?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there are twelve sweaters, one for each zodiac; the collage above demonstrates each one. You can see for yourself just how cool they actually are. Even though the concept of the sweater is simple, you can make it your own - it was literally designed to fit you and your personality. Tomorrow I'll be posting some pictures of how I wore it to give a better idea how it looks on, but in the meantime, feel free to check out the sweater and the rest of the Nordstrom Pop-In Shop HERE.

Featured: Trainers - Nike // Black Denim Jeans - Topman // Zodiac Sweater - Nordstrom