Camouflage for Fall Style Inspiration


Camouflage will always be a trend in men's fall fashion.

Stand Out in Camo

** This post is from Fall 2013 trends; however, I feel its relevance still applies to today's fashion**

One thing that I was reading today is that a trend for this season is camouflage. Now, camouflage to me has always been a trend, but that all depends on how you wear it. If you're going to walk down the street in covered head to toe like a soldier, then it's as much of a trend as it is a faux pas. Camouflage adds a nice touch to any piece of men's clothing - it adds a sort of implied masculinity because of its militant use.

There are two types of camouflage: good and bad. You might be wondering what that means, but I'll show you. Pictured above are what I deem to be "good" camouflage. The colors are very simple, muted, and not too offensive with an all-over camouflage fabric or design. However, the image to below is what I consider to be "bad" camouflage. Notice how some of the use of bright greens is almost painful to look at. Not only this, but the materials used in the jacket are very displeasing as well. That doesn't mean that all clothes by this label (which will go unmentioned) are bad, though. It simply means that they did not use the pattern well.

There is good and bad in every trend, and I feel like it applies more to camouflage almost more than any other. Just remember that simplicity can go a long way. You may want to try out camouflage, but as previously mentioned, make sure that the camouflage pattern itself uses earthy tons; some different shades of green, greys, and browns are what I feel look best. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll find a camouflage pattern which uses black and grey (my personal favorite variation of the style). Remember, stand out in camouflage this season, don't stick out.