GQ Montblanc Extreme


A partnership with GQ to present the Montblanc Extreme Collection.

In a recent partnership with GQ, I present you with the Montblanc Extreme Collection.

Today I'm sharing with you the Montblanc Extreme Collection. As part of a partnership with GQ and its GQ Insider program, I was given the chance to test drive some of the collection. Focused on providing a modern touch to classic styles, as well as an innovation its leatherwork, the new Extreme Collection is creating a path for future collections. Incorporating higher resistance to heat & water with its leather, Montblanc is helping pioneer quality to better suit the needs of the modern man. The backpack pictured above features a thick, textured leather that's as sturdy as it is stylish. Though a little on the bulkier side, it served me well with my needs - traveling, carrying miscellaneous items (laptop, extra clothing, & shoes), and utility for day-to-day uses. Ideal for business or casual use, the MB Extreme backpack serves makes a lasting impression with its functionality and style appeal.

Also featured are the StarWalker Steel Pen & Screenwriter. Both clearly serving for different uses, the StarWalker Pen wrote smoothly across my daily journal while the screenwriter served me well when navigating my smart phone. However, the greatest function behind the screenwriter is that it may be interchanged with the Montblanc Fineliner & Ball-Point refills. So for those of you not always needing the fanciest of styluses and are looking for alternative, the screenwriter is the way to go. Truly adapting itself to the needs of every professional, the Extreme writing instruments and leather goods really go above and beyond to prove their worth. Are these an investment? Yes. Would I recommend them? Absolutely. Should you buy them today? Maybe not. Need you ever own them? If you care about quality, you should start saving now.

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