25th Anniversary of Luminox Watches


Luminox Watches celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

Not too long ago it was brought to my attention that a Swiss Made line of watches finds its home right here in the Bay Area. The company goes by the name of Luminox (Lumi- meaning 'Light' & -Nox meaning 'Night' in Latin), and it was founded in 1989 with an innovative approach to watch technology backing its success.

The technology I speak is that of a Swiff self-powered illumination system stumbled upon by Co-Founder of Luminox, Barry Cohen. This new technological approach would solve the insufferable frustration of many trying to read a watch in the dark (Have you ever tried to do that yourself? Save your eyes, don't try it). Each Luminox watch uses tiny micro gas light sources, eliminating any need for external fluorescent charging or even the push of a button. In short time, the value of this innovation was immediately recognized by some of the most influential groups out there.

Meeting the specific needs for those who require at-a-glance reliability in darkness, Luminox saw tremendous response from military and law enforcement groups. Then in 1993, Barry Cohen was approached by Nick North, the then Assistant RDT&E Officer to the Navy SEALs who expressed the SEALs' need for a dependable watch on night missions. Next, Cohen teamed up with North to create a watch specifically for the SEALs - an opportunity that opened many doors for Luminox.

Luminox isn't only for military and law officials, though. There are great styles that implement the utility and practicality upon which the company was founded with a fashion-oriented detail. Styles are offered under four different categories: Sea, Land, Air, & Space. Since there are many great styles, I've decided to go my favorite from each category.

Each of the watches above is appealing to me for different reasons, but I feel you won't have a hard time understanding why I chose them. And if Luminox watches happen to clash with your style, Barry Cohen mentioned to me another line he is working on called Szanto watches. Szanto takes integrates a contemporary design with vintage-inspired aesthetics in multiple ways, though most noticeable in their straps. Below you'll find some of the Szanto watches I'm fond of.

I'm still not 100% sure which line I like most, but one thing I am sure of is each is a worthy investment. If you're interested in checking out more style, find the rest of the Luminox line at

A conversation with Luminox Co-Founder, Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen and his Ferrari 550 Maranello, photo via WSJ.

I was given the opportunity to speak with Barry Cohen, Co-Founder & President of Luminox Watch Co. When speaking with Barry, I was able to ask some questions about himself, his business, and really anything else that popped into mind. Unfortunately, falling fate to a terrible blogging nightmare, a server on the site I used for recording & transcribing the conversation went down a few days later. This server's malfunction caused me to lose all files which are now irretrievable. But, this occurrence aside, I can still provide some detail from our chat.

First and foremost, Barry is such an interesting guy - he was even featured by the Wall Street Journal for his awesome collection of Ferraris (story here). But to earn privilege and ownership of such took great time and hard work. Having worked in the watch & accessories industry for some time, Barry understood there was an unsatisfied market for which Luminox would provide the solution. It was from this cognizance and forward-thinking that

One point I'm able to recount (without fear of misquote) is asking Barry what he would suggest to other young entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. To this, he replied that confidence is an essential part of starting any business endeavor. Seems like a simple piece of advice, but it carries much meaning (especially considering his level of success). To this I add from my own experience - how else could others trust my word on fashion & clothing if I weren't fully confident in the advice I was giving?

Closer to the end of our conversation, I asked Barry if he could mention one the coolest thing he's done as a result of the opportunity provided by Luminox. His response wasn't of anything material. He informed me that the great part about what he does is getting to meet the people and make the connections he has. I related this to myself and expressed that, without my blog, I would not be having a conversation with him at that moment. We both acknowledged that my blogging and his business both provide similar opportunity - the opportunity to make connections.

All in all, I really enjoyed my conversation with Barry and took from it some valuable information, most of which I've shared here. It was also a great reminder that patience, hard work, and confidence in what you do are essential to achieve any level of success. Special thanks to Barry Cohen for taking time out of his schedule to share more about himself and his business with myself and all of those following me.