Relaxed Fit: Helmut Lang & Joie


Wearing relaxed fits in Helmut Lang and Joie.

Contrary to popular belief, not all of my clothes are skin tight and I can dress like a boy (sort of). What I definitely love most about this look is it encompasses the best of both worlds. I typically find it hard to mix & match my boy clothes with my women's clothing, but I've done a pretty good job today! The jacket itself is women's (Helmut Lang) and so are the pants (Joie), but they both have a very unstructured look to them. Since it doesn't have the traditional form fit of most women's clothing, I'm more confident in wearing them out as a more androgynous look. It's comfortable, so why the hell not?

Everyday I find myself experimenting with what I have in my closet. Since I'm not very keen on having to buy new clothes all the time (at least not like I used to), I find new ways to wear what I already have. Today just sort of adds to that. My shirt is an unknown brand, has no tags, and I typically wear it to sleep. BUT, I thought the oversized fit of the tee might be a great complement to the other not-so-fitted pieces in this outfit.

All in all, I love this look. I'm comfortable, on trend, and not really conforming to any particular look that others might think "best suits me." What does that even mean anyway? On that note, I'm off to explore my pajama drawer in search of tomorrow's outfit... Until then!

Featuring: Ursula Jacket, Helmut Lang // Shirt, N/A // Pants, Joie // Camouflage Shoes, Donald J Pliner