Casual TOMS Style for Men


Awesome shoes & sunglasses for men by TOMS.

Right now living in San Jose during the fall is like living in Orange County in general. The weather is remnant of summer, allowing me to wear shorts comfortably without concern of getting cold. It's great! So, going off the summer vibes, I decided to do a little DIY and convert an older (essentially unworn) pair of white denim Levi's into a pair of crisp-looking distressed shorts. The process was fairly simple, only requiring scissors to shorten the length and a standard razor to add some fraying.

Once the shorts were made I immediately knew what I wanted to pair with them: a casual henley, some awesome TOMS shades (c/o), and equally awesome TOMS brogues (c/o). I have to say, in my past experiences with TOMS, there have been moments when the fit or comfort level weren't the greatest; however, the shoes pictured above are fan-freakin'-tastic! The subtle dotted print adds a nice touch, not to mention it's tastefully done. Same with the sunglasses, they feel so much more durable and well-made than any other pair I've owned... And I really mean that.

Going back to the summer vibe-inspired look, it's great to have a few more opportunities to dress for warm weather before it becomes impossible to do. The outfit was worn to the mall for a few hours, then out to run some other miscellaneous errands I had. Great look and comfort level for that kind of day :) What do you think of this combo? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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