Casual Fall Look in Oversized VINCE Coat


Sporting my newest VINCE coat for a day of casual, relaxed, & luxury style.

Anybody saying you can't be comfortable and look good doing it is a liar. There have been so many improvements in the comfort-to-casual department, I don't even know what to do with myself. Sweatpants are now a thing in street style and athletic shoes have become fashion statements. It's sort of an interesting shift considering so many of the people heading in that direction were so against baggy pants and oversized shirts. Nonetheless, I'm definitely embracing this new trend.

Now, I know I'm not wearing sweats in the photos above, but I am sporting some casual-luxury style. Since I recently purchased this awesome Vince coat to protect myself from San Francisco & Bay Area weather, I've been exploring some fun ways to wear it. I'm definitely more about taking basics and styling them to look, well, not-so-basic. What does that even mean, right? Well, it's essentially combining your favorite t-shirt, a pair of standard denim (I chose black skinnies) and a cool & comfortable pair of shoes. The shoes HAVE to be comfortable or is defeats the purpose of lounging in style. Sure we all make sacrifices in the name of style, but your body needs some time to rest, too.

When you've finally come up with a combination that you're comfortable with, it's all about the third piece. A third piece is essentially a blazer, jacket, coat, sweater, etc. that you throw over an outfit to give it a little something extra. In my case, I've thrown on my colorblock hooded Vince coat. The shawl collar on it really is it's best feature, as it adds a lot of subtle color and detail to my casual-cool combination. It's really all about the subtle detail with these sorts of outfits. More color / print / pattern is great, but I try and limit those additions to shoes & coats. That's just a preference, though.

You're really free to do whatever you'd like with your style. I typically get a little more casual when it's gloomier weather. San Francisco and Bay Area mornings really great for that, so I get to dress like this fairly often, but not today. It's around 86 in Orange County right now, and let me tell you, it's friggin' hot. Guess summer came a little early this year, ehh? With that, I'm going to head out and enjoy what sun I can grab before heading back to the Bay Area. It'll do me some good. I urge you all to do the same! :) Have a great day - Anthony