Combining 3 UNIQLO basics for layering & comfort.

I've done a better job of not complicating my style more than it should be. It's proven to be a lot less stressful to put together looks and share them with all of you. Since I've been leaning more toward basics & blue jeans, the concern of whether my designer coat matches my designer trousers is no longer there. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my designers, but after my move from San Francisco to San Jose, I found that the mentality of 'You can only wear designer' has slowly dissipated.

Today, in light of the realization that comfort is key, I've kept things simple in my newest UNIQLO purchases of a pea green t-shirt, white Henley, & off-white puffer vest. I was never a huge fan of puffers and I'm still not, but UNIQLO has done something with theirs to somehow make the design less of a bother (and most people I met at the store would agree). Since my layers are toned down, I relied on my go-to Levi's denim & new Zara loafers to make my life complete. Considering I bought these jeans at a thrift store about 2 years ago, I would say I'm still getting my moneys worth ($13 to be exact).

Keeping things short and sweet, I want to remind you all to tone things down every now and then. Life isn't always a fashion show, though you probably have a hard time listening to me say that being a fashion blogger and all. Either way, relaxation, comfort, and simplicity can really do wonders for the fashion-loving soul.

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