Throwback Thursday: St John Knits & Louboutins


Featuring a throwback to my favorite St. John knit tunic & cement grey Brixton fedora.

Wearing a Brixton fedora w/ St. John knit tunic.

First off, please forgive the grain in some of these photos, as they don't always translate in the quality that I would like. Anyway, moving past the quality of the photo and into what's in it. Today I'm doing a #throwback in full Thursday tradition. In what I hope to be a new blog series (assuming I have enough clothing to be consistent!) I will be featuring some of my favorite oldies but goodies. That's right! RE-WEARING CLOTHES. God forbid the fashion bloggers of the world wear something TWICE.

Okay all jokes aside, when I love something, I don't just love it for now, I love it forever. A part of my soul attaches to that piece of clothing and saves a little part of my heart with it until eternity. Sounds silly, right? Well it's not. Most of you have favorite shoes, t-shirts, jeans, and the list goes. My favorites list just a tad more expansive than most. Why? Because if I don't love it, I don't buy it. So in the first ever #ThrowbackThursday I'm featuring two of my favorite items in the world. My St. John knit tunic & first ever pair of smoking slipper Louboutins. YES. Louboutins. The little red-soled devils that burn a hole in my wallet faster than you can say 'Prada'. 

Moving forward, I wore bought both at what some would cry at spending, but for the price of love & luxury, well there's no value you can put on love. Aside from stomaching the price, I have gotten so much wear out of them, as well as enough love from others to make purchasing them worthwhile. Nothing makes me love my clothes more than knowing others appreciate them, too. That's why I buy them! After all, I dress for the internet, too

All in all, they were extravagant investment pieces that I rarely treat myself to. I'm a poor college student with rent to pay and groceries to buy. Not all my money can go to clothes (though that's more my boyfriend talking than myself). I broke them out for a day just to make them feel loved again. That's right, my Louboutins needed a little love, too! And if you're wanting to find something similar to what I'm wearing, don't look too far! Some of my favorite stores like Zara, H&M, & All-Saints have really similar draping with their tops & sweaters. Great for the guy (or girl) looking to try something new!

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback in the space below! I'd love to hear from you.