Clean, Simple Look for Orange County


Street style in Orange County definitely giving off some summer vibes.

Well, I FINALLY did it. I made it back home to see my family in Orange County after eight (YES EIGHT!) months! Words can't even express how happy I am right now as I write this post. It was such a hardship for me to have to get by on phone calls and group texts with my mom, dad, sisters, and the rest of the pack. So when I got back to Cypress, CA, the town my family calls home, it was nothing but love and laughs all around.

Now when I was preparing for the trip, I had absolutely no idea what to bring. Considering we were prepping for rain here in San Francisco and the Bay Area, I was sort of hopeful to bring shorts and t-shirts for the usual day-to-day sun in Orange County. I was so wrong. I found out it was going to likely to be raining down in SoCal, too. Not okay. I go home to get AWAY from the rain, not to follow it. Anyway, what I decided to do (as any normal person would) was pack two full suitcases for myself and my boyfriend with a fair 90% of the space for my clothes and the remaining 10% for his. By packing my 'essentials' in bulk, I was prepared for any weather... Even snow.

When the first few days rolled out, my style was fairly casual. As a matter of fact, the combination you see above was my go-to look for the stay. Swap out my charcoal denim for my standard blue Levi's and BOOM, I get away with the same outfit twice. Probably shouldn't share that with you all, but this is where I can be honest about these things. You're my friends. With the jeans, I wore a really easy-to-wear UNIQLO Henley in white to give myself something a little more interesting than the standard white t-shirt. Threw on an equally casual chambray long-sleeve by Ralph Lauren and I was good to go. The hat and sunglasses weren't necessary, but it made me feel better about my lack of sleep and messy hair.

Being back in Orange County really brought back some great feelings. I hung out with friends and family that I hadn't seen in almost 5 years. It was amazing. I'm still thinking back to all the awesomeness that is my life down south. Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend and two dogs to help me with the homesickness. Oh, and clothes. Those distract me, but in the 'I'm online shopping so I can't focus on anything else' sort of way. Okay really though, in all seriousness, I'm so thankful for the holidays and for the opportunity I had to feel at home again. I hope you all had an equal experience this past weekend. Until next time :)

- Anthony