The Best Week from Hell


Catching up this past week has been hell, and I loved it.

Keeping it brief today, as I've got a ton of things to work on, but I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know where I stand. I've been to hell and back this past week with all the catching up and everything else I've been doing. Ahh! It's great, though! I've been busy and couldn't ask for more.

Between school, events, my love life, & maintaining a healthy routine, I've been swamped. Now, I love what I do and who I get to do it with, but sometimes I take on a little too much! I've been better about it, but I have my moments. Since I want to be everywhere and see everyone, it's easy to forget that I need time for myself and for all of you.

Last week I came home from my visit with my family, as I mentioned in my previous post from last Tuesday. The weather in San Francisco and the Bay Area was PERFECT. Even though it rained a majority of the week, I enjoyed every bit of it. The gloominess outside was reason enough for me to cuddle up with my dogs and take care of business. Once Wednesday came around, I needed to have as much done as possible.

Wednesday finally came and I headed into San Francisco for a great event at the Eddie Bauer Flagship that just opened in Union Square. I attended with one of my greatest friends, Emma, and we took sips and bites with some other fashion enthusiasts. It was a really nice time, and I even bumped into the CEO of Eddie Bauer who really kind & courteous.

After Thursday & Friday flew by, I had an amazing date night with my boyfriend Jordan on Saturday. He and I went to watch Kinky Boots in San Francisco. Every time we go out, it's a reminder of why we fell in love with each other. We were out past midnight, talked until 2AM, then fell asleep and went about our Sunday together.

Yesterday was also all about work. I'm still trying to make sure I get all caught up, as I decided to also tackle Menswear Mag again. It's something I'm passionate about, so I've decided to try and balance my time and include it. It's received over 1,000 new followers since YESTERDAY! Ahh!

So, I know you all want pictures, that's why I've included a sort of story to follow what I've written. I do apologize for not being as active previously, but rest assured I'm back into it! If you miss me as much as I miss all of you, be sure to check me out on Instagram (@ofmiceandmenswear) & on Twitter (@miceandmenswear).

I hope you've all been well and I can't wait to share more of my life & style with you soon. In the meantime, have a great day :)

- Anthony