Gifts for Him and for Her, Valentine's Day Edition

Love is in the air here in San Francisco as Valentine's Day gets closer. So, as gift giving for this day starts to become more of a concern, I've decided to create some inspiration boards for everyone to the decision making a little easier. San Francisco or not, you're going to be celebrating Valentine's Day the same way as anyone else.

Gifts for Him, Valentine's Day Edition

For guys, it's a little easier to get the deed of shopping done as there aren't as many rules for the fit of clothing. A Small is a small, not a petite small, a medium is a medium, and well, a large is for a larger man. Fairly simple concepts. Actually, men are more keen on simple clothing than anything else, in my opinion. Most guys are jeans and a t-shirt or simple button-down, but for those more daring, a little color or print doesn't hurt. Anyway, above you'll find some of the best gift ideas I could think of while blogging this morning. Some classic watches, beanies, loafers, blazers, etc. are all great staples for any man to have that he more than likely won't get for himself anytime soon. They don't have to be pink, white, or red, rather these are just to fit the Valentine's Day theme :)

Now for the harder part...

Gifts for Her, Valentine's Day Edition

Gifts for women are a little harder to purchase if you're a beginner in the gift-giving department. So, if you are an amateur, I suggest you leave any clothing items up to her to choose, or take her shopping to choose for herself. However, if you don't want to do that, then your best bet is to get her some sort of accessory - they're like a "one size fits all" sort of deal. Look into getting her something like a purse, rose gold bracelet, some classic earrings, or even a cute pair of heels if you know her size (be cautious, all shoes are different). Now, whatever you get her doesn't have to be designer, either. That's just a plus. You can get her a little trinket from any shop and I'm sure she'll love it just the same. After all, it is the thought that counts... Right? And if you happen to strike out, don't feel bad. Nobody can get it right every time; just remember what she likes and use that for the next gift-giving occasion.

This will be the first Valentine's Day I spend here in San Francisco with my boyfriend, too. I'm really hoping it's going to be something special (we have tickets to Cirque du Soleil). And on that note, I'm off to find the perfect gift for my special someone. Hope this helped you all get inspired! Until next time - Anthony