Menswear Tip: 5 Bags You Need in 2014

Bags aren't just for women. Men have great style options to choose from for 2014.

Everyone knows that lots of women are obsessed with accessorizing and adding new pieces to their wardrobe here and there, but there aren't as many men that do the same. Some men just don't see the need and others don't like to use them as much, they're "a waste of money." WRONG. There are some accessories that men do need in their wardrobe whether or not they actually believe they do. That's why I've gone ahead and done some research to let you (guys) know at least one thing you should be adding to your closets this year - a bag. There are five types you should be keeping your eyes and wallets open for.

  1. PORTFOLIOS: Great for the guys on the go who only needs to carry loose papers and files.
  2. BRIEFCASES: Essential for men in the business world looking for a great and stylish bag to lug around laoptops, files, folders, and anything else he might need on the go.
  3. BACKPACKS: A more casual bag, backpacks are great for carrying around miscellaneous items on trips and days out in the city (like San Francisco).
  4. TOTES: For the guy who has a lot to carry and isn't afraid of the bulk of a larger bag.
  5. CARRY-ALLS: Meant for more vacationing, these duffel-like bags are great for carrying a change of clothes to the gym, on short trips, and even just a night spent over at a special friends place. 

Each bag has its own purpose and functionality, a various structure for various lifestyles. However, at least one of them needs to find its way into your closet. Although you might not be open to the idea of carrying around a bag all day, I can safely say it has saved me once or twice living here in San Francisco. Try finding a bag in a color, style, or fabric that you like. My preference is a print (like camouflage) or a high quality leather. You can even find trendier styles at places like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or H&M (they're always dishing out these bags in the season's trendiest styles). Overall, keep your mind open. These 2014 essentials aren't only specific to this year, but will remain functional for as long as you decide to keep and use it. Remember, if you're going to invest in one, make sure you make a statement with it!