Trend Alert: "Radiant Orchid" for 2014

Pantone announces "radiant orchid" as the Color of the Year!

Did you know that there's an organization that uses color forecasting to determine what will be the most popular & trending color for 2014? Well, I didn't either until I recently read an article about Pantone, the masterminds behind the colors. They use information collected from movies, media, and the like, assessing how often it is used in comparison to other options. Cool, huh? There's more to it, but I'll let you look into it further if you're interested.

Radiant Orchid (Purple) for 2014

Now you might be asking yourself, "How am I supposed to wear 'orchid'? That's a woman's color..." And if you are thinking that same thing, you're mistaken. Orchid is the guideline for so many other amazing colors you can choose from! Although the radiant orchid is brighter than what you may be used to, think of implementing a core piece to your wardrobe that has some variance of it. Perhaps a plum, deep purple, or even burgundy can suffice if you're too afraid to try out the brightness of Pantone's choice. It is a great color, but it isn't for everyone. Above I've collaged some great pieces and color variations that you might think to try. As I write, I am wearing a pair of wine denim that is still on trend without being too out there. Try out some awesome oxfords in a nice, muted plum, or maybe a purple plaid shirt for a little bit of masculinity? The style choice is all yours! I'm just here to give you some ideas. Topman & ASOS are always on trend with great menswear, so think to try their online shops for a little inspiration. And ladies, these guidelines apply to you, too. The color of the year is an option for everyone to try, so don't limit yourselves or your style. Snag a great "radiant" piece now so you can be ahead of the game! I can guarantee a lot of your friends will be wearing it soon, too. Let me know how you style it! I'd love to get some of my own sort of outfit inspiration from all of you! Hope this helps in your spring shopping - I'll have more guides for you soon.